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July 16

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Flinders the Reluctant hero

Flinders Fan Club Kids for Flinders the Guinea Pig Children's Book Series

Ages 5-10 …but everyone will love it 

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What it’s about

In part one of the ‘Flinders’ series we follow the adventures of a small but clever guinea pig named Flinders as he finally gets his own human. 

Twelve-year-old Sandy is no ordinary human either. She and her family are sailing around the world in a lifestyle that’s terrifying for a guinea pig who’s afraid of water. 

While Sandy gets her school lessons on the boat Flinders learns to read by studying the newspapers that line the floor of his home. When Flinders reads about turtle thieves operating in their bay and then witnesses their illegal activity he must somehow alert Sandy to the thieves’ whereabouts before it’s too late. 

Join Flinders on his exciting nautical adventure as he learns the importance of communication quick thinking and standing up for what is right. 

Full of heart and adventure Flinders the reluctant hero is a delightful tale for readers of all ages.

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